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M.A English
(M.A English)


Students enter M.A English Program for a variety of resons. SOme wish simply to extend their liberal education beyond the bachelor's level; others want professional training for school or college teaching; still others see the M.A.as a stepping-stone to the M.Phill/Ph.D. and a career in university teaching. At Heritage International Colleges we have designed an M.A. Program that meets the diverse needs of these different studies. Students will explore the diversity of literary and culture production through innovative modules designed to cross disciplinary, historical, and geographical boundaries, thereby offering a wide scope within which students can develop their own interests.

Program Details:

Duration 2 Years Semesters 4
Semester Duration 5 Months Credit Hours 72
Lectures 66 Cr-Hr Project 6 Cr-Hr

Entry Requirements

B.A at least 2nd division with a minimum of 2nd division marks in English.
Scholarship Scholarship for JIMS Registered Students in tuition fee only
Payment Mode Fee Payment Scheduled can be decided on individual Basis.

Road Map:

Semester 1 Semester 2
1 Classical Poetry
2 Classical Drama
3 Literary Criticism-I
4 History of English Literature-I
5 Prose-I
6 Linguistics-I (Linguistic, Grammar)
1 Romantic Poetry
2 Shakespearean Drama
3 Literary Criticism-II
4 History of English Literature-II
5 Victorian Novel
6 Linguistics-II(Phonetic)
Semester 3 Semester 4
1 Modern Poetry
2 Modern Drama
3 History of Modern Literature
4 American Novel
5 Prose-II
6 Linguistics-III (semantics)
1 20th Century Poetry
2 The Absurd Drama
3 American Literature
4 History of English Novel
5 Short Stories
6 Linguistics-IV (Stylistics)